Bridget Gleeson Travel Writer

Maps & Landscapes

Watercolors, sketches, maps: a running catalogue of travel adventures.


Mapping out an assignment: Basque Country.



Map: Rio de Janeiro

Planning a trip: Rio de Janeiro.

Grand Canyon

Mapping out a road trip: Grand Canyon National Park.


Tunnel of trees II

Tunnel of trees II, Buenos Aires.


Morocco map

Planning a trip: Morocco.


Map- Yucatan

Planning a trip: Yucatán Peninsula, Mexico.


Trancoso postcard

Postcard from Igreja de São João Batista, Trancoso, Brazil

Bosques de Palermo

Painting in the park: Bosques de Palermo, Buenos Aires


Morocco maps & watercolors

Painting Marrakech, Fés & Tangier: collaboration with Elizabeth.


Retro summer rental: painting in the suburbs of Buenos Aires.

Tunnel of trees

Tunnel of trees, Buenos Aires.



Tunnel of trees, Vitoria, Spain.


Watercolor: Ipanema, Rio de Janeiro

Watercolor from the hotel window: Rio de Janeiro.


Prague postcard

Walking to Malá Strana, Charles Bridge, Prague.

Tangier map

Mapping a place: Le Salon Bleu, Tangier, Morocco.


Argentina & Uruguay day tripsPlanning day trips around Buenos Aires, Argentina


La casa de un amigo

Painting a friend's house, Buenos Aires.

Buenos Aires backyard

Painting in the backyard: Buenos Aires.


Punta del Este

Quick watercolor landscape: Punta del Este, Uruguay.
 Casa azulPainting the house around the corner, Buenos Aires.