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Traveling watercolors: 2016 in review

2016 wasn’t exactly the best year ever, but I did manage to take my traveling watercolor set to Nicaragua, Paris, and Tierra del Fuego. So there’s that.

The year started out in Nicaragua, where I was on an assignment for Lonely Planet:


Next up was California.

2 3


Then it was back to Philadelphia.




And then to a flooded Paris.


5 6

Then back to Argentina, of course.


(Did you know that Tierra del Fuego is one of the most beautiful places in the world? It is. I love Uruguay, too. Also: I love this cheerful yellow table.)



I also experimented with other media this year.

10 11

And got the kids involved.


I made a map for my grandmother. And I painted in my notebook.

9 13

Sometimes I forgot my watercolors.


But I always had them with me in the most colorful places.


Farewell, 2016. You were a beast. But there were good times, too. Here’s to more adventures – more water, always, and more color – in the year ahead.